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Re: [cdt-dev] Breakpoints in assembly

> Does anyone know the status of breakpoint support for assembly?
> I've been trying to find and understand the bits that need to be changed
> for this, but the learning curve is proving very steep for me.

A few things:
- if you do something like
	gcc -S foo.c # Create a asm file to start with
	gas -o foo.o  -gstabs foo.s
	gcc -o foo foo.o

int CDT/Debug, you will be able to set breakpoint in foo.s
step, next, etc ..

- The CDT/debug when it find no source(if the preference is set)
will fallback to disassembly mode.
The editor will show the ouput using an IStorage input, there
is no breakpoint, the feature did not make it to cdt-1.0.1
It will be added after the holidays(schedule for the next release).

> If someone could point me at the pertinent classes, I would be most
> appreciative.

Breakpoints are contributions to the CEditor and AsmEditor vertical rulers
(see cdt.debug.ui/plugin.xml)
The vertical ruler is enable by default when the input is an IFile.
In the case of disassembly, there is no IFile associated, no vertical
to contribute to.