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Re: [cdt-dev] Re: [cdt-debug-dev] enabling CDT to use multiple debuggers


>>>>>> "Alain" == Alain Magloire <alain@xxxxxxx> writes:

>[ choosing a gdb ]

>Alain> The problem is that many things will go wrong, for example if
>Alain> using MI and trying to launch and older version or launching a
>Alain> newer version that the parser can not handle.  We(QNX) have a
>Alain> more control environment where we ship part of the product the
>Alain> version that can be use with it ... but that is the theory
>Alain> ... the practice is less rosie and usually a mess in terms of
>Alain> conflicts and things that can go wrong.

>I completely agree, it is a mess, largely (imho) because the gdb MI
>support is not quite finished.

>I suppose it would be possible to have Eclipse check the gdb version
>at (gdb) startup and notify the user that it is too old.  (I'm not
>sure this is really a worthwhile path to go down...)

>Ultimately, since gdb is in a state of flux, it seems to me that a
>given Eclipse release will have to be targeted at some set of
>"blessed" gdb releases.  For groups like Red Hat and QNX, this can be
>the gdb that is shipped alongside Eclipse.  For public Eclipse
>releases, perhaps targeting the most recent public gdb release is most


Since we are targeting Linux,  I think /usr/bin/gdb is a reasonable
default, since most systems have some gdb in there.
Better something than nothing.  The second line of defense would be for the
user to specify his choice gdb
when creating a C/C++ project. Later the user could change the debugger
from Project->Properties.
 (Or initialize it if he didn't bother doing it at project creation time.)
This value would take precedence over /usr/bin .

I think that a popup asking me each time what debugger to use on each
launch would probably get on my nerves,
since during my work I am not changing debuggers very often, not at every
launch for sure.

The fundamental question, in Eclipse terms, is: do we associate a debugger
with a project, or with a launch configuration?