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Re: [cdt-dev] Memory usage


Yes that is what we should be doing...I've opened bug #13791
(http://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=13791) to track it.  One
issue I've heard is that usually jvm's don't keep enough memory available
to do any object instantiation after the OutOfMemory, so we'll have to
experiment with what we can actually do after the exception occurs.  We'll
probably have to have some global pointing to objects that we can delete

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turnham@xxxxxxxxxx writes:

 > Yes this is a known issue...The quick answer to your question is that
 > there is a way to control how much memory the parser uses.  If you
 > "right-click" on your project and choose "Properties", one of the
 > options is "Parse Quality".  By default this is set to the Maximum, but
 > moving the slider to the left will decrease the amount of work the
 > does and the information it stores.  Of course changing the parse
 > will affect the depth of information provided.  (You'll have to remove
 > project's parse information and re-parse for the change to take effect).
 > At the "highest" setting the parser does (or tries to do) a relatively
 > complete job of parsing right down to the statement\identifier level and
 > creates references such as "variable uses", "function callees\callers",
 > etc.  At the "lowest" setting the parser will only show the highest
 > objects (classes, functions, etc).

Right, I see.  Perhaps the thing to do would be to generate a prompt
that says

"You have run out of memory while trying to parse this object.

You might be able to complete the parse by reducing the parse depth.
See <http://foo.bar.barf>"

Thanks for the prompt reply.

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