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[cbi-dev] push pom files upstream

In preparation for pushing the pom files upstream I've created 4 bugs, on per project:

BugÂ379747 - Pull request for Platform from CBI
BugÂ379748 - Pull request for Equinox from CBI
BugÂ379749 - Pull request for PDE from CBI
BugÂ379750 - Pull request for JDT from CBI

I would say the next steps we have to follow so we're ready for Tuesday:

1. create 1 commit per repo listed in each of the bugs, parented off of master or R4_HEAD where appropriate, that contains the pom.xml file changes for that repository.

2. for each repo, list the single commit link

3. collect any other, non-pom.xml file changes into other commits (preferably based off on the pom.xml file commit for that repo) and open bugs for them. You can open them against Platform/Releng and mark them as blocking the Pull request bug that lists that repo. They'll need to be reviewed before they can be committed upstream.

Thanh, does that sound OK?


Paul Webster
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