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Re: [cbi-dev] Empty source bundles

On Tue, May 15, 2012 at 5:01 PM, Thanh Ha <thanh.ha@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Paul,

I incorrectly recalled this morning that there were ~5 .source bundles that were removed from features. I did a grep of all the feature.xml files and only found 2 listed below that were commented out.

ÂÂ igorf: org.eclipse.sdk.tests does not have any sources, afaict
ÂÂ <plugin
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ id="org.eclipse.sdk.tests.source"
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ download-size="0"
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ install-size="0"
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ version="0.0.0"/>

ÂÂ thanh: needed to comment this out for build to succeed.
ÂÂ Not sure if this was the right thing to do.
ÂÂ <includes
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ id="org.eclipse.cvs.source"
ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ version="0.0.0"/>

OK, these were the ones I was looking for, I'll find out if we can just remove them upstream.


The reason for my confusion was that there was actually additional plugins that we removed in the features.xml as well, I've listed the ones that I could find below.

Why are these commented out? AFAIK CBI-Platform build is picking up these platforms from the p2-natives repo. Can they be included since they're coming from a pre-built repo? I don't believe we would want these changes pushed upstream.

I remember the bundle-shape changes. We were supposed to push those upstream (I thought we had already, but I guess not). Any build.properties changes we would have to review before we pushed them upstream.


I think we should open one bug per project (Platform, JDT, PDE, Equinox) and list the repos that they should cover. Then committers can pull their changes.


Paul Webster
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