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[cbi-dev] CBI build based on Juno M6

Hi Everyone,

I pushed up to the CBI repositories the Juno M6 CBI build. The wiki [1] was updated with the latest details on how to get CBI M6. You will also need to update your natives this time by removing your existing /var/tmp/lts/natives directory and replacing it with the newer natives-m6.zip.

A big change was done this time where we no longer build the FROMCVS directory in the aggregator repo. Instead we are now pulling that data from eclipse.platform.releng.git. Both the R3 and R4 versions of the releng repo was rebased against the same tag however R3 is managed by the Juno_M6_R3 branch and R4 is managed by the Juno_M6_R3R4 branch. This is because some features had to be commented out in the R4 version as it did not exist I'm not sure if that was the right thing to do and I hope someone could review.

The upstream tags I used for this build is as follows:

  • eclipse.jdt: v20111130-1318 (no-change)
  • eclipse.jdt.core: v20120312-0431
  • eclipse.jdt.core.binaries: v20111117-0916 (no-change)
  • eclipse.jdt.debug: v20120312-2024
  • eclipse.jdt.ui: v20120312-2136
  • eclipse.pde: v20120104-1740 (no-change)
  • eclipse.pde.build: v20120119-1950 (no-change)
  • eclipse.pde.ui: v20120309-1817
  • eclipse.platform: v20120227-1938 | v20120314-1642
  • eclipse.platform.common: v20120306-2017
  • eclipse.platform.debug: v20120309-2311
  • eclipse.platform.releng: v20120313-1326
  • eclipse.platform.resources: v20120306-1226
  • eclipse.platform.runtime: v20120308-2101
  • eclipse.platform.swt: v3823a
  • eclipse.platform.team: v20120306-1149
  • eclipse.platform.text: v20120312-1543
  • eclipse.platform.ua: v20120301-0843
  • eclipse.platform.ui: v20120312-1859 | v20120314-2129
  • rt.equinox.bundles: v20120307-1407
  • rt.equinox.framework: v20120312-2035
  • rt.equinox.p2: v20120312-2018

[1] http://wiki.eclipse.org/CBI/Eclipse_Platform_Build