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Re: [buckminster-dev] different update site for a plugin

/me slaps his forehead

I *cannot* believe I've overlooked something like this for so long.

I knew it would be obvious and probably fundamental, but man, I outdid
myself this time.  I'm glad I can still surprise me.

You guys are both money.  Thomas, you nailed it with the includes vs.
requirements.  I had just not appreciated what exactly was going on, but
looking at it from this perspective makes it pretty clear.

Totally explains a problem I overcame a few years ago without really
understanding why (now that I understand (future me laughs) I know I
didn't understand, though I thought I did, at the time).

Wim, the loose as a goose purity is what I'm after, and ironically I was
doing the opposite without even knowing it.

I'm going to have to go through a few plugins cleaning shop.

Good thing I went to the wrong list first.  Thanks!


What this country needs is a good five-cent nickel.
Frank Adams

On 6/6/12 12:48 AM, Wim Jongman wrote:
>> Another important mechanism that will have an effect of what gets pulled
>> in is whether you're using bundle or package requirements in your OSGi
>> manifests. Buckminster will never traverse a package requirement so if you
>> want full control, then use package requirements everywhere and then
>> describe what plug-ins to use to fulfill those requirements with your
>> features.
> One thing to add to this (while we're at it) is the fact that it is
> sometimes very difficult to find the feature where any given plugin can be
> found. You might be tempted to skip the search and wind up just putting the
> plugin into some "additional.plugins.feature". This will bite yourself in
> the foot (i merged two expressions here on purpose).
> For example, if you include draw2d as a separate plugin into this
> additional feature then your users might not be able to pull in the GEF
> products because of bundle dependency conflicts.
> So always strive to be as "pure" as possible and only supply YOUR bundles
> and let other bundles be provided by their respective featured.
> To aid in this a little, I have written the "Feature Explorer" plugin. This
> can be downloaded from the market place.
> Furthermore, check out the Orbit project where you can find some lonely
> bundles flying around.
> Regards,
> Wim
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