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Re: [buckminster-dev] different update site for a plugin

Another important mechanism that will have an effect of what gets pulled in is whether you're using bundle or package requirements in your OSGi manifests. Buckminster will never traverse a package requirement so if you want full control, then use package requirements everywhere and then describe what plug-ins to use to fulfill those requirements with your features.

One thing to add to this (while we're at it) is the fact that it is sometimes very difficult to find the feature where any given plugin can be found. You might be tempted to skip the search and wind up just putting the plugin into some "additional.plugins.feature". This will bite yourself in the foot (i merged two expressions here on purpose). 

For example, if you include draw2d as a separate plugin into this additional feature then your users might not be able to pull in the GEF products because of bundle dependency conflicts. 

So always strive to be as "pure" as possible and only supply YOUR bundles and let other bundles be provided by their respective featured. 

To aid in this a little, I have written the "Feature Explorer" plugin. This can be downloaded from the market place. 

Furthermore, check out the Orbit project where you can find some lonely bundles flying around.