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Re: [buckminster-dev] different update site for a plugin

On 6/5/12 6:22 PM, Wim Jongman wrote:
> Hi,
> The site feature should only contain the features that you want in your
> site:
> this is our setup:
> importtargetdefinition '-A'
> '${WORKSPACE}/com.remainsoftware.td.releng.feature/TDOMS Base Target
> Hudson.target'
> import '${WORKSPACE}/com.remainsoftware.td.releng.feature/oms_all.cquery'
> build
> perform '-Q' '-D' 'target.os=*' '-D' 'target.ws=*' '-D' 'target.arch=*'
> '-Dcbi.include.source=false' 'com.remainsoftware.td.releng.feature#site.p2'
> This "releng" feature only contains other features (no bundles) and only
> the features that we want in our update site.

My version of the "releng" feature only has the feature I want in the
site, but that feature has the plugin, which is the same plugin I used
for the product.

Maybe I should have a different plugin for the product?  That would make
pretty good sense as to what I'm seeing.  This is the first time I've
messed with products in a few years, and I just tacked it onto the
existing plugin.

I'll try moving the product to a plugin just for the product, and see if
the generated site for the then isolated feature works.  That's probably
the way god intended it anyhow.

>From yet another plugin project (separate project), which had a product
associated with it from years ago, I noticed that when I ran the
buckminster build against it that the product def was picked up
automatically (it had been ignored the way I'd been building/deploying
the plugin before, via eclipse with an update site the old fashioned way).

So bucky is actually being true-er to the build than what I was doing
before (the product def *is* in the plugin, after all).

This seems a plausible scenario.  I'll do some more experimenting and
see what I get.  If I cannot figure it out I'll do a new post to the
user group.

> By the way, we also save the resolved target platform because that contains
> all the foreign features. we give this to customers that cannot go to the
> internet to resolve the dependencies.

That is an excellent idea!

Thank you Wim!


One can always reason with reason.
~ Heri Bergson