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[buckminster-dev] problem replacing qualifiers with lastRevision and add suffix for features

hi all,
i'm trying to get qualifier replacement in my features to generate the
additional suffix, depending on the versions of the included bundles.
My feature Structure is:
--> company.eclipse.feature
---> org.eclipse.equinox.executable (feature)
--> company.runtime.feature (contains all company bundles)
All features have a "qualifier" in their version number.
When using 
buckminster generates the following versions:
- company.product.feature_3.1.2.R-612cK6qUg7X33dMbQ808T55z-Bx4
- company.eclipse.feature_3.1.1.R-322cLaP7-7S44yAw3119122908D0
- company.runtime.feature_3.1.2.R
The first two versions are generated as expected, the last one is
missing the suffix. 

What could be the reason for that? 
(I think with the BuildTimestamp generator the result is the same)
When using
-Dgenerator.lastRevision.format=r{0,number,00000} (so features also get
their revison number as qualifier replacement - this would be my
preffered method)
buckinster just generates the revisions as version qualifiers and no
suffix at all.

What is the reason for that and what can be done to get the expected
version numbers?
e.g. company.product.feature_3.1.2.r01234-612cK6qUg7X33dMbQ808T55z-Bx4
Thanks in advance!
greets peter