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Re: [buckminster-dev] Buckminster code-base has moved to Git

On 2011-06-29 17:56, Ian Bull wrote:
"Being on vacation" and "materializing a workspace" should not be in the
same paragraph ;).

I agree. It really shouldn't but I find the thought that I do some things just for fun comforting. Nobody could claim that this wasn't according what was planned for the next sprint :-)

Good work Thomas!

Btw, are you maintaining stable qualifiers? That is, if a bundle doesn't
change from build to build are you ensuring that the qualifiers remain
the same?  I'm trying to get a sense of how people are doing this with git.

Buckminster has a qualifier generator that finds the latest commit that affects a given subtree (in this case a project). We use the timestamp of such commits directly for plug-in qualifiers. For features, we calculate the last timestamp for all included features, plug-ins, and the feature project itself and use that. There are some corner cases when this approach isn't fail proof but the way we use it, it works perfectly. Our qualifiers will remain the same as long as our code is unchanged.

- thomas