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Re: [buckminster-dev] A few general questions about Buckminster

On 22/04/2011 00:20, Henrik Lindberg wrote:
I couple of notes:
- If you have a feature that lists dependencies, than that is sufficient for buckminster, you do not need to have a CSPEC if you already have a feature that specifies the dependencies.
I use the term feature in a conceptual sense. We do not have eclipse features. We are running many plain OSGi bundles in Knopflerfish, so I assume I need to create a cspec for my "feature"

As a side note, I find that using google guice for injection is a great help as it makes it easy to construct software out of composable parts (without having to have complicated factory logic throughout the system - logic that at least I am way to lazy to write if I had to code everything by hand). Guice is exceptionally good when there is a high degree of variability.

I would love to use Spring DM or Guice but we are running on resource restricted devices on J9 (jre 1.3 API with 1.4 bytecode). We have written an extension of ServiceTracker that provides a proxy to a service and so in most cases we manage to de-couple our code from OSGi, except in the Activator where we wire things up directly
Looking forward to hear about your progress. There is support in Buckminster for what you describe.

Me too!!! :@)