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[buckminster-dev] A few general questions about Buckminster

Hello Buckminster people,

Our development processes are getting painful. We have many OSGi bundles.

We are looking at introducing semantic versioning for our bundles (where the versioning scheme looks be the same as omni versioning)

I am reading through different Buckminster articles and the buck book and cannot see some answers to some questions I have:

Assume that I create a project per feature to hold my buckminster files ( a feature maybe made up of multiple bundles)

So using Buckminster, can I ....

Materialize these bundles in eclipse where buckminster uses the bundle manifest to work out the required dependencies.

How could it do this if the bundle manifest only contains Import-Package directives? Does it require a Require-Bundle directive instead to be able to resolve other bundle dependencies?

We want to use version ranging? What sort of repository would our bundle artifacts need to be in for Buckminster to be able to search for the latest version of a bundle artifact?

Per feature we would need a specific target platform materialized so the feature can be tested.

Sorry for the questions, just trying to get my head around a few things.

Thanks Paul