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[buckminster-dev] Newbie to Buckminster

Hello All,


Been going round the houses to find a suitable tool to ease our pains and Buckminster looks the ticket.


We have a number of PDE bundle projects where we use PAX runner to launch the OSGi framework with a target platform (Knopflerfish + various bundle jars)


I am trying to start simple and create a cquery to pull out all these projects from CVS into our eclipse workspace. I’ve defined the RMAP, no problems here. First question is how do I pass a CVS version or tag to be used by my RMAP?


I created another project to hold a buckminster.cspec that holds a list of dependent modules. All our modules are OSGi bundles. I was under the impression that if I only specify the main application bundle in the buckminster.cspec that all dependent bundles would also be materialized for me. This does not happen, so I am wondering why not?


Our bundle manifests do not use “Require-Bundle” but we use “Import-Package” so how would Buckminster calculate the dependencies for our main application bundle? Is this possible or will I need to list all the bundles myself in the buckminster.cspec?


I’ve got loads more questions (yes I am reading the BuckyBook.pdf and bits and pieces from the wiki) but I’ll save them based on the answers I hope to get!!!


Many thanks in advance.