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Re: [buckminster-dev] Custom materialization of Maven artifacts

Hi Steve,
You ask a very good question. Unfortunately, the answer is that you cannot do that yet. The only way to control materialization selection is through name patterns in the mspec.

The way I would like to solve this is to expose some data from a resolution as properties and then allow filters in the mspec nodes. The selected provider could for instance set properties for 'readerType' and 'source'. The 'componentType' and other relevant information could also be set. An mspec node could then declare a filter instead of (or in addition to) the pattern. Your example could then be declared as:

 <mspecNode filter="(&(source=false)(componentType=<your type>))" materializer="<your materializer>" />

Would that be of help to you?

Thomas Hallgren

On 10/02/2009 11:20 PM, Steve Jerman wrote:

I am implementing some functionality for the Tigerstripe project which
downloads a Maven artifact from a repo based on a CQUERY and install it
into a 'special' place in the file system (which is relative to the
Eclipse install).

I have a custom component type and understand, I think, how to customize
the 'reader' side of things.

My question is how do I customize the materialization? I see there is an
extension point for materialization, so I assume I can define my own and
use the filesystem materializer as a template, but How do I say that
'this component should use this materializer for artifacts where

Thanks for any help.