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RE: [buckminster-dev] create.eclipse.jnlp.product issues

I have reported such problems last year (with eclipse 3.5). We managed to get around it using a number of tricks we scripted (below). So our prodcedure is: using create.eclipse.jnlp.product, fixing its jnlp files, unsign/sign, and packaging with the jnlp-servlet.jar as a war. 

Probably a number of things have already been improved: we did not follow the buckminster latest development since we got it working.

		<replace dir="${jnlp.dir}">
			<include name="**/*.jnlp" />
		<replace dir="${jnlp.dir}">
			<include name="**/*org.eclipse.equinox.executable*.jnlp" />
		<replaceregexp byline="true" match=".jar href=.plugins/org.eclipse.swt.wpf.win32.x86.jar.*>" replace="" flags="s">
			<fileset dir="${jnlp.dir}" includes="*.jnlp" />
		<replaceregexp byline="true" match=".jar href=.plugins/org.eclipse.equinox.launcher.wpf.win32.x86.jar.*>" replace="" flags="s">
			<fileset dir="${jnlp.dir}" includes="*.jnlp" />
		<replaceregexp byline="true" match=".jar href=.plugins/org.eclipse.compare.win32.jar.*>" replace="" flags="s">
			<fileset dir="${jnlp.dir}" includes="*.jnlp" />

	<target name='unsign'>
				<fileset dir='${jnlp.dir}/plugins'>
					<include name='*.jar' />

	<target name="sign">
		<signjar alias="..." storepass="..." keypass="..." keystore="...">
			<fileset dir="${jnlp.dir}/plugins">
				<include name="*.jar" />

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Hello all,

while investigating in creating a Java Web Start package from an Eclipse RCP product with Buckminster, we found that the generated JNLP file for the wrapper feature references the JNLP files for the dependent features with a wrong href-location.

The structure generated by Buckminster looks like this:

-          features

o   feature1.jar

o   feature2.jar

o   ...

-          plugins

o   plugin1.jar

o   plugin2.jar

o   ...

-          wrapper.jnlp

-          feature1.jnlp

-          feature2.jnlp

Whereas in the wrapper.jnlp file the feature1.jnlp and feature2.jnlp files are referenced as

                <extension ... href="features/feature1.jnlp" />
                <extension ... href="features/feature2.jnlp" />

There was a short discussion on this topic a while ago via this list where the same problem has occurred. Please let me know if someone can tell me about the current state of the JNLP generation in Buckminster. We are about to create an EAR of our Java EE application with an Eclipse RCP client that we would also like to build via Buckminster. We can already build the RCP product with Buckminster on Hudson and have now almost succeeded in build ing a Web Start version. So we are almost there but this seems to be a show stopper...

Btw, we are using the latest 3.6 version (pulled in automatically via Buckminster/Hudson integration).

Martin Klinke

PS: For your reference, the original messages on this list are
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PPS: I have also posted this on the newsgroup, sorry for bothering you if this is not the right place to ask.

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