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[buckminster-dev] Re: New version of Buckminster Book available (rev 0.5)

The text is now changed to read:

"As an example, if you want an attribute in component-C to include the artifacts ‘g’, and ‘h’, you can declare the attribute’s base to be an empty string (base=""), and use the paths ‘plugins/g’,
and ‘plugins/h’. You get the same result if you instead set the base like this: base="plugins", and set the paths to just ‘g’ and ‘h’. Does it matter which you use? The same files are referenced in both cases. The answer is: yes, it matters when you are copying the result. Let’s say you copy the result to a location ‘Z’. In the first case you would get ‘Z/plugins/g’ and ‘Z/plugins/h’, and in the second case you would get ‘Z/g’, and ‘Z/h’."

I hope that is clearer.
- henrik

Henrik Lindberg wrote:
Hi, no, not a typo, but some commas would make it easier to read. I will rephrase it.
- henrik

Tas Frangoullides wrote:
First line on page 69 is hard to follow. Might be a typo.


"Henrik Lindberg" <henrik.lindberg@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:h4o8q9$ria$1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
New Draft of Buckminster Book is available at http://tinyurl.com/ncv4lq

This is version 0.5 of the book, and it is now getting near completion. I (think) have one or two more examples to write, and then final editing and polish.

Your feedback is much appreciated.

- henrik