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RE: [buckminster-dev] Struggling with Buckminster to produce a product

Thanks, Adrian.

I've settled on doing exactly what you propose.  We have several
products that we produce from the same basic code base, so we end up
having several config.ini files that only differ in the eclipse.product
to launch.  It's not too painful.  

What I'm dealing with now is best practices surrounding the target
platform.  We deal almost exclusively with headless, server-side code so
we've defined a limited target platform and created a feature that
includes the same set.  The RCP Delta is included as a feature of the
target platform feature and checked into our repository.  That approach
seems to work pretty well but I don't know if I'm really using this
stuff in the way it was intended.

I've been looking around the web for best practices surrounding the RCP
Delta Pack and producing Eclipse products, but there aren't very many of
those.  If you know of some good sources of information, I'd love to see


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Thomas Hallgren wrote:
> Hi Mark,
> It doesn't need to be very detailed. Something like "Buckminster 
> generated product does not start" and then attach the generated 
> config.ini and the log output.
> - thomas
> Addleman, Mark J wrote:
>> I could but I'm not entirely sure what the bug is.
>> This really pushes the edge of my understanding of Eclipse and I'm 
>> afraid I wouldn't describe it well.  If you give me the text, I'll go

>> ahead and enter it.


For the moment while this bug is being investigated, you could simply 
use the eclipse generated config.ini. All the magic happens when you 
load the configurator plugin, it basically sets about telling equinox 
about all the plugins, and will launch the eclipse framework for you.

I'm after having a pretty painful week working on the config.ini stuff, 
docs seems to be a little sketchy on it, after much tweaking I've 
settled using a hardcoded config.ini with only the minimal amount of 
plugins listed in it.

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