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Re: [buckminster-dev] Re: Accessing a file available in svn from maven provider

Hi Carlos,
I'm with my family on Gran Canaria right now and have very limited bandwidth. Other Buckminster committers are either attending the Eclipse provisioning workshop in Ottawa or otherwise traveling. I'm afraid I'll not be able to do much more then answer emails until I'm back on-line on Friday. I promise I'll have a look at this first thing.

Thomas Hallgren

Carlos Sanchez wrote:
could you check in the maven project in bug 177840 with a rmap sample?

a rmap that would check that out, download the maven dependencies (you'd
need my maven provider patch) and add it to the workspace

Thomas Hallgren wrote:
Hi Carlos,
Try declaring another provider in your search path with readerType="svn"
and componentType="maven".

Thomas Hallgren

Carlos Sanchez wrote:
I have this use case:

A rmap references a Maven project in svn.
The maven provider would need to access the pom.xml file in that svn in
order to know the remote repositories defined on it.

Is there a way to access the svn provider from the maven provider to
read that pom.xml file?
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