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[bpmn2-modeler-dev] Text Annotation in Process Diagram and Sequense Flow

As I tried so far, It is impossible to create a Text Annotation in a Process diagram.
is that a bug or bpmn is designed in that way?
I have read the BPMN standard documment from OMG. It says that Text Annotation should be available within all BPMN diagrams.

 2. and a question regarding the Sequence Flow: 
(here i mean the sequence flow from a Gateway and connect to a Task)

in a Process diagram, each Sequence Flow has a priority, but there is no way to make a sequence flow to be default.
In a Collaboration diagram I can create the default sequence flow but there is no priority.

I also found nothing about priority of a sequence flow in the bpmn documment, but it is a nice "feature". I think it's better if the priority of a sequence flow  is available for every type of diagram.

P/S i use BPMN document version 2.0

Best regards,