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Re: [bpmn-user] cannot create BPMN flow connection in Eclipse classic 3.4.1 and STPall_in_one04092007


welcome to the user list!

To create a flow, you need to start on a task. So select the sequence flow tool in the palette, and link two activities with it.

The same thing goes with messages.

You can also create messages and sequence flows by using the anchors showing on the border of an activity.



On Sat, Nov 8, 2008 at 7:36 PM, Steve Kosmas <stevekosmas@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello, I tried to figure this out for 2 days but has no progress. I appreciate your insight!

My goal is to use Eclipse creating BPMN diagram, then print it...

I follow the instruction (http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/edu/os-dw-os-eclipse-stpatlode.html), which requires these two component installed.

1)Eclipse Classic: V3.3.1
2) Eclipse SOA Tools Platform (STP) VI200710300730

However I can only find these two version from eclipse.org:
1)eclipse-SDK-3.4.1-win32.zip, around 155MB
2)stp_all_in_one04092007.zip, around 56MB (from http://wiki.eclipse.org/STP_All_In_One_Package)

After Installation, I can create a project and then a BPMN diagram, but here is the problem, I try to create a flow connection, it won't let me to do so... when I use the drag and drop method to create the flow connection, there is always a stop sign display around the mouse, and it doesn't work. Same thing apply to Message connection...

Then I saw this: Eclipse Modeling Tools (includes Incubating components) 

is this component same as Eclipse SOA Tools Platform (STP)? should I use this instead of STP?

You help is greatly appreciated!


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