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Re: [bpel-dev] Simplify expression editors?


I have tried the approach we discussed last week.
I have removed a lot of code to simply use the XText editor directly. But there is still a lot of work on it and I don't have that much time (in fact, I can only give it half a day more). And given all these changes, reintroducing the feature would cost a lot of time too. For Juno, I will try something else. I will try to fix just the part that has changed, even if it means using internal code from e4. It means this solution would only work with Juno and that we should have two different builds. This is really tough.

But as you said Bob, we must focus on Juno.
We will talk about merging or upgrading things later.



Le 18/05/2012 02:25, Bob Brodt a écrit :
Hi Francesco,

I understand your concern and we are working on rewriting this part of the code because it violates the "do not use internal classes" rule. However, we are committed to having the BPEL Designer ready for the Eclipse Juno release this summer, and this will probably mean that the initial release may not support this extension. This feature will probably be part of a Juno service release (BPEL Designer 1.0.1 maybe?) later this year. That said, it may be possible for us to provide a version of BPEL Designer compatible with Eclipse Indigo, which *does* include this feature.

Be assured that this extension point is not going away - it's simply being delayed a bit until we have some time to rewrite the underlying code. Please let us know if you have available resources to help with this effort! Please monitor https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=378997 for details about this effort.

Robert ("Bob") Brodt
Senior Software Engineer
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Hi All,
we are using this extension point in a big project.
We have made an embedded editor implementation using Xtext to define a new _expression_ Language.

The bridge between the 2 projects is available on Eclipse Labs: http://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/bpel-xtext/

We understand your needs but we would like to stay up to date.
So, if you are evaluating to put back this feature in the future, please note that it is a key feature for us.

We are also willing to help, if needed..



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