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Re: [bpel-dev] BPEL Designer 1.0 release review

Hi all,

For the version 1.0, I don't have many things to add in the designer.
In fact, I have few time to work on it for the moment. I will update the documentation a little bit.
And if I find some time, maybe work on minor bug entries.

Next contributions will wait after Juno's release.


Le 09/04/2012 22:42, Bob Brodt a Ãcrit :
Hi all,

I'm trying to push through a BPEL Designer 1.0 release review before the Juno release in May. This release is mostly intended to get the editor out of the incubation phase, since there are relatively few bug fixes/new features since 0.8.0 other than the build restructuring and bundle signing. I'll be updating the release plan and posting it to the project website. Is there anything you feel should be included in the release plan?


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