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Re: [blinki-dev] browser tooling

Hi Jacek,

Sorry about the slow response as I was swamped recently with readying webkit4swt for release. I'm well aware of the ATF project's developments as my team built the 1st Ajax tools and JavaScript debugger for Eclipse back before ATF originated. We are open to exploring additional ideas for integrated browser support. The current webkit4swt browser impl is based on the SWT Browser framework. But that SWT framework while improved in Eclipse 3.5 is still not well designed to introduce new browser engines like webkit or opera.

Something that is really interesting to our team beyond the blinki mobile web objectives is how simple and powerful a UX experience can be created with a seamless blend of SWT and webkit UI based on HTML5, CSS3 and high performance JS. It can be really compelling and provides developers more choice. For example, I like to show off our MobiOne (http://genuitec.com/mobile) which is built on webkit4swt.


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hello Blinki devs,

I'm coming from Eclipse Ajax Tooling Framework project (ATF), which builds developer tooling on top of Mozilla browser (aka XULRunner). I enjoyed reading your creation proposal and I see we could work together on some topics.

At ATF we have a couple of features, such as javascript debugger, DOM inspector, CSS styles inspector, browser console. They're working now, however we're more interested in having quality browser support rather than sticking to XULRunner or other particular engine, so I
would be happy to have a common browser support UI that can talk to Mozilla or WebKit or other browsers.

What are your priorities now? What are you working on at the moment?


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