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[blinki-dev] 1st steps - touch'n base

Hi All,
I'm excited to finally be able to put some energy into the Blinki project. I realize the project has been idle for quite sometime. That is behind us now and we are moving forward. Before sharing a couple of details about upcoming Blinki activities I would like to reflect for a moment on the growing interest in mobile web and in general the rapid recognition of the role HTML5 and the smartphone browser are playing in changing mobile use patterns. A few cool major developments include:
- Google announcing that mobile web is at the heart of its mobile strategy
- adoption of the WebKit engine continues to grow as more and more smartphones in the dev pipeline are announcing plans to ship with it
- growing disillusionment with the AppStore; Google claims the AppStores are temporary (Do you agree?)
Ok enough reflection. So what's up with Blinki you may ask?
The first bit of news is we are preparing to OSS our WebKit4SWT codebase next week. We had hoped to do this well before now but had a couple of murphy's law incidences that have held us up.  While I have worked with and followed Eclipse closely since its initial OSS, I have not been through the IP process. So this will be a learning process for the team and me. I'll post more details as we get that codebase ready for the IP process.
The second development is mobile web framework research that Greg Amerson and I are conducting. So far we have been working with PhoneGap to get 1st hand knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses. We plan to look at several other similar frameworks as background research for Blinki. We will be sharing our findings as they become available. If you have experience with any of the PhoneGap-like frameworks we welcome you input.