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RE: [birt-report-designer-dev] Problems with scripted data source

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Sent: Friday, January 20, 2006 4:34 PM
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Subject: [birt-report-designer-dev] Problems with scripted data source


I am facing few problems with scripted data source.
The following error message appears while previewing reports in Eclipse 3.1.

There are errors on the report page:
+ There are error(s) in report : report

All the other reports are working perfectly fine except for the reports using scripted data source.
The only possibility that I could make out was that BIRT wasn't able to access the Java classes, that I have used in scripted data source.
Also i have copied the classes in ..eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.birt.report.viewer_2.0.0/birt/WEB-INF/classes but it's still showing the same error.

Kindly suggest me with the solution or possible errors that I could have made.