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[birt-dev] How can I contribute to the project?

Hello all,
I would like to start contributing to BIRT project. I found several minor
bugs in tests to which I immediately provided the patches. See Bug 367713
or Bug 367953. I also provided the patch which fixes real issue, not only
in the tests but in running source. See Bug 122296.
Anyway I did not get any response from BIRT commiters regarding any of the
bugs. Could you let me know what I should do to my patches were reviewed
and commited into BIRT code? Are there also any BIRT bugs which are
especially significant for the project and my work there would be
appreciated? Please notice, that I do not want to spend more my time on
major bugs unless I know that my work will be appreciated.
Please let me know how I could help in developing BIRT project.