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Re: [birt-dev] datatools org.apache.lucene dependency

Hi Linda,

[Thomas, I'm cc'ing you in, hope you don't mind.]

Thanks for the link. And it makes more sense now since these changes are recent but OTOH I don't know why they took a couple of months to show up.  It's a mystery is why this showed up now as opposed to earlier in the RC cycle. This wasn't an issue until the build this week. The issues I am having are with the Buckminster build step. It appears that the initial resolution works properly but then it fails because the PDE resolver is unable to locate the bundle. Therefore we end up with this error:


INFO:  perform '--properties' '/opt/users/hudsonbuild/workspace/amp-nightly/buildroot/build.properties' '-Dbuckminster.reference.repository=https://hudson.eclipse.org/hudson/job/amp-nightly/lastSuccessfulBuild/artifact/amp.p2.repository/' 'org.eclipse.amp.build#build'
CSpec org.apache.lucene:osgi.bundle$2.9.1.v201101211721 has no  action, group, or local artifact named java.binaries

Please see this thread for more details on the specific issue:


This is a dilemma as obviously you have functionality dependent on this, but I can't build my components without this dependency. Unless there was a chart runtime or BIRT core feature somewhere. Again, I don't actually need any of the datatools stuff but it all gets brought in as part of the BIRT feature.

Are you aware of any other release train projects that have a +n dependency on BIRT?

thanks for your quick response and cheers,


On Jun 6, 2011, at 6:34 PM, Linda Chan wrote:


The o.e.datatools.sqltools.results bundle intentionally uses the 1.9.1 version of org.apache.lucene.  That is why the 1.9.1 version is included in the DTP Indigo release distribution.  See comments in https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=333514#c14 and onwards.

Is the 1.9.1 version of org.apache.lucene installed in your test environment?  What exactly is the issue that you encountered?


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Hi folks,

There has been a dependency issue with DTP but naturally it only actually started failing today, two days before the release train. I'm not sure if the failure is something introduced by a build change, but I don't think it is.

Here's the problem:

o.e.datatools.sqltools.results specifies org.apache.lucene 1.9.1, but every other eclipse project using it uses 2.9.1

Normally that would be ok, but IIRC there *are* issues with whole number differences even for non-singleton plugins.

I'm wondering if you would be able to take a look at sqltools and see if 1.9.1 really *is* necessary and if not do a quick change, build and promote. In the meantime I'm trying to determine a work around. (I don't actually need all of this, but it is the only way to get it because IIRC there isn't a separate feature for the chart runtime.) I haven't filed a bug yet because it seems more appropriate to work out these dependency issues pair-wise and of course we're really under the gun here.


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