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[birt-dev] Please check out stable build <20090922-0630>and response if it can be released as BIRT 2.5.1 Release Build

Fellow BIRT committers, 

Thanks for your great effort.


2.5.1 Stable build < 20090922-0630> has passed smoke tests, regression tests and acceptance tests. Project leads and PMC members please check out the stable build and response if it can be released as the BIRT 2.5.1 Release Build.


Compared to previous candidate build <20090916-1121>,this candidate build has included a document fix:

[289675] some plugins do not have about.html files
And it was packaged with the new Eclipse Platform 3.5.1 candidate and WTP 3.1.1 candidate build.



Stable Build <20090922-0630> can be downloaded from the BIRT download page: