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[birt-dev] Open Data Access (ODA) API Changes in Galileo

Title: Open Data Access (ODA) API Changes in Galileo

To all who have implemented an Open Data Access (ODA) data source extension, please read on...

A number of enhancements have been identified in the ODA framework to support additional features requested by the community.

Please see the following link that describes these enhancements and proposed API changes in the org.eclipse.datatools.connectivity.oda bundle version 3.2, for release in DTP 1.7 (Galileo).


New methods will be added to the ODA Java interfaces.  This means that compiling your existing ODA runtime driver implementation with these latest ODA interfaces would require an upgrade to implement the additional methods.

The ODA framework will provide binary backward compatibility support of an ODA data source extension, whose source were compiled with a version earlier than these ODA 3.2 API interfaces.

If an ODA extension has not implemented a new interface method, the ODA Consumer Helper framework will throw an UnsupportedOperationException on its behalf.

For any comments and feedback, please add them to the project wiki page or corresponding Bugzilla entry.  These API changes are targeted to commit in CVS later this week for the Galileo M6 milestone.

Linda Chan
DTP ODA Component Lead