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[birt-dev] Checkin: fix bug126248: Chart error with Scripted Data Source

- Summary:
Fix bug126248: Chart error with Scripted Data Source

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Bug126248: Chart error with Scripted Data Source

- Description:
In BIRT design time, there are two places where a data set might be previewed. The first place is in data set editor, and the second place is in chart builder. So if one data set can be previewed in data set editor, it also should be able to be previewed in chart builder. Their data might be different since chart builder uses ALWAYS_CACHE option in it, but their preview configuration environment needs to be same. In preview, there is an important thing needs to be done, which is to configure the class path for POJO files. In old implementation, it is not done in preview data set for chart builder. This check in is to fix it.

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Manual Test

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