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RE: [birt-charting-dev] Specification update for BPS17 -ChartComponents

Hi Paul


Thank you for your feedback. This is indeed something we plan to support in the future, but there is simply not enough time to implement it, so we decided to only commit to a single style support. If time allows we will support more granularity, but it will only be a tentative feature for v2. We have designed the architecture to support this, so it’s only a matter of additional implementation, without almost any change in the API. I will send an update on the styles API soon, it has slightly changed but the features remain the same.






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Apologies for the delayed response...


From the document it appears that I can only use a single Style for all elements within the chart. For example, if I have defined a style in BIRT called "General Report Text", and I select this style for the chart, then all the fonts for headings, labels, legend, etc. in the chart will use this style (unless I override the style on an element directly). Is my understanding correct?


In general, it is the case that things like titles will be formatted differently from labels etc. In my report, I am much more likely to have multiple styles defined -- "General Report Text", "Section Heading Text", "Title Heading Text", etc. If it is not possible for a user to select different styles for different elements within the chart, this will limit how much styles are used here. Users will end up overriding the styles on many elements since it is unlikely that a chart heading will be formatted the same as a label, for example.




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Subject: [birt-charting-dev] Specification update for BPS17 - ChartComponents

Hi All,


Here is an update of the Chart Components Functional Specification to support Chart styles outside of BIRT, please let me know your comments. You can find this document on the wiki as well at http://www.eclipse.org/birt/wiki/index.php?n=BPS.BPS17