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Re: [babel-translators] BPEL project not showing up in translator list - again

Hi Kit,

as far as I know that hasn't changed:


2011-09-01 06:27, Kit Lo:


I couldn't find the update site for BPEL 1.0. If you could tell me the URL
for the update site, I can extract the files for translation again.

Kit Lo
IBM Eclipse SDK Globalization Technical Lead
Eclipse Babel Project Lead

From: "Tobias Liefke"
To: "babel-translators@xxxxxxxxxxx" <babel-translators@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 08/29/2011 11:18 AM
Subject: [babel-translators] BPEL project not showing up in translator list - again
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the BPEL Designer translation files are not in the nightly and integration

builds anymore. Fortunately they are in the 0.9.0 Release.

I'm sure this has something to do with the fact that the BPEL Designer has

moved to the SOA top level project

I could add the project to Babel again, but can anyone tell me how to
import my local backups into that project?

Tobias Liefke
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