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Re: [babel-translators] CVS decorators

Denis Roy schreef:
> Hendrik Maryns wrote:
>> Paulo Moreira schreef:
>>> Hi Denis,
>>> What will hapen if i mark the Non-Translatable box ? (at the left-down
>>> corner).
>> Yes, why not simply mark it non-translatable?
>> H.
> If that is appropriate for your locale, then go ahead and mark it
> non-translatable.  However, if you're in a RTL locale, perhaps
> {outgoing_change_flag}{name} {revision} {tag}
> could be
> {tag} {revision} {name}{outgoing_change_flag}
> Perhaps this is a bad example, but I asked Kit a long time ago why some
> file names (such as image names) were externalized (image1.jpg, for
> instance) and he explained that externalizing some seemingly
> non-translateable elements allows for different elements in various
> locales (image_fr.jpg, for instance).
> Again, if non-translatable is appropriate for your locale, go ahead.

This is interesting.  I thought non-translatable was system-wide, not
language-dependent.  Is it?  Arenâs plugin developers supposed to mark
strings non-translatable?

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