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Re: [babel-translators] Re: babel-translators Digest, Vol 10, Issue 5

I don't understand what you mean, and I can't read portuguese.

You agree with Sean and disagree with me, is that right ?



On Fri, Dec 26, 2008 at 6:39 PM, Fernando Martins <fmp.martins@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hello All.

>> Would you advise any or all of the following as general rules?
>> 1. Don't translate the string "Eclipse.org".
>> 2. Don't translate any string written in camel case.
>> 3. Don't translate any string with a *key* that starts with
>> "extension-point.name." . [1]
>> 4. Mark any such strings as Non-Translatable instead.
> I would not advise such rules, this is really up to the developer who
> externalized the string.
I actually agree with Sean and I'll proprose such as guidance, not as
rules as Antoine proposed, when translating into Portuguese.
I'll use the Portuguese Glossary page
(http://wiki.eclipse.org/Portuguese_Glossary) for that.

Best regards,
Fernando Martins

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