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Re: [babel-translators] Adobe contribution import questions

Thanks for your feedback on this. I think we've come up with a reasonable approach:

- syncup needs to run under its own ID. All of syncup's translations need to be marked as fuzzy. I've opened http://bugs.eclipse.org/255798 to track that effort.

- For Large contributions, we (the Babel team) will ask the contributors whether or not the translations they are donating were done by professional translators and were tested/reviewed in context. If the contributions are professionally authored, tested and reviewed (such as IBM's 3.2 lang pack donation), then they will be considered authoritative and they will overwrite whatever the current values are in the database, and none of the incoming translations will be marked as fuzzy.

If the contribution is a professional effort but it has not been tested and reviewed in context (such as the Adobe contribution), option #3 below will be invoked, and as Hendrik has suggested, the 'conflicts' will be flagged as fuzzy, allowing translators to revert and/or confirm the translation.

I have updated our import process docs with this new information: http://wiki.eclipse.org/Babel_/_Large_Contribution_Import_Process


Hendrik Maryns wrote:
Denis Roy schreef:
Babel team, Babel Translators,

I'm working on importing the Adobe contribution, and I'm encountering
some 'what if's that I'd like to discuss:

1. If the Translation == The English String, should we ignore it?

My guess is 'yes', but please see (and comment on) this bug:

2. Translation differences amongst professionals: who do we trust?

I happened to stumble upon this gem, in *French:*

The Key is *MatchFilterSelectionDialog_label*, and the English value is
*Search Filters*.  Of course, without context [1], "search" could be a
noun or a verb, but in this case, I think it means "Filters of Search"
(noun), not "Please Search the Filters" (verb).

Genie had a translation value of:"*Filtres de recherche*" (Filters of
Search, noun), which likely came from the IBM 3.2 lang packs and, IMO,
is correct.  However, it was overwritten by the Adobe value "*Rechercher
les filtres*" (Search the Filters, verb).

So my question is: how do we deal with this?  Here are some options I
think can be useful:

1. We could tell the importer to not overwrite values that were
translated by Genie. This could be bad, as since we've been running the
syncup script, Genie's translations may not necessarily be correct, and
in that case, the Adobe value should overwrite it.

2. We could tell the importer to not overwrite values that were
translated by Genie and run future syncup as a non-Genie user account to
distinguish both import and syncup actions.

3. We simply let Genie's values be overwritten, and consider this an
isolated case.  The language champions, and the general public, will
notice the error and use the Server tool to revert the translation.

I vote #3.

[1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=246199 would be useful

I vote for #3, but with the added proviso I discussed in the bug: those
strings should be marked âfuzzyâ.  And see bug 254847.

I think 2 might be a good idea too, independently.


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