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Re: [babel-translators] Adobe contribution import questions

Denis Roy schreef:
> Babel team, Babel Translators,
> I'm working on importing the Adobe contribution, and I'm encountering
> some 'what if's that I'd like to discuss:
> 1. If the Translation == The English String, should we ignore it?
> ==========================================
> My guess is 'yes', but please see (and comment on) this bug:
> https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=255700
> 2. Translation differences amongst professionals: who do we trust?
> ===========================================
> I happened to stumble upon this gem, in *French:*
> http://babel.eclipse.org/staging/translate.php?project=eclipse&version=3.4&file=org.eclipse.search/new%20search/org/eclipse/search2/internal/ui/SearchMessages.properties&string=MatchFilterSelectionDialog_label
> The Key is *MatchFilterSelectionDialog_label*, and the English value is
> *Search Filters*.  Of course, without context [1], "search" could be a
> noun or a verb, but in this case, I think it means "Filters of Search"
> (noun), not "Please Search the Filters" (verb).
> Genie had a translation value of:"*Filtres de recherche*" (Filters of
> Search, noun), which likely came from the IBM 3.2 lang packs and, IMO,
> is correct.  However, it was overwritten by the Adobe value "*Rechercher
> les filtres*" (Search the Filters, verb).
> So my question is: how do we deal with this?  Here are some options I
> think can be useful:
> 1. We could tell the importer to not overwrite values that were
> translated by Genie. This could be bad, as since we've been running the
> syncup script, Genie's translations may not necessarily be correct, and
> in that case, the Adobe value should overwrite it.
> 2. We could tell the importer to not overwrite values that were
> translated by Genie and run future syncup as a non-Genie user account to
> distinguish both import and syncup actions.
> 3. We simply let Genie's values be overwritten, and consider this an
> isolated case.  The language champions, and the general public, will
> notice the error and use the Server tool to revert the translation.
> I vote #3.
> [1] https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=246199 would be useful
> here.

I vote for #3, but with the added proviso I discussed in the bug: those
strings should be marked âfuzzyâ.  And see bug 254847.

I think 2 might be a good idea too, independently.

Hendrik Maryns
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