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[babel-dev] Babel Project review

Greetings Babel Project members

I've done a quick review of your project. In general, it seems as though the project is progressing well. I am happy with the level of community involvement. My own experience shows that there is a lot of buzz around this project; you are clearly doing good things.

I'd like to see the project summary page cleaned up with a better, more concise, description. Further, I'd like to see an up-to-date plan, and a release scheduled.

Here are some specifics:

The description on the project summary page renders poorly. I believe that the project's landing page is being used for the description. It would be better if you could make an actual separate file that contains only the description of the project.

The newsgroup has steady (though relatively low) volume. Similarly, the babel-translator mailing list, which seems to be focused at a similar audience, also has steady volume. It does seem that most questions are getting answered in a timely manner and, judging by the length of some of the exchanges, a healthy (albeit relatively small) community seems to be developing.

Information to help would-be contributors set up a development environment is under the "Contributors" tab which may seem reasonable enough; however, the grayed out "Getting Started" tab was initially off-putting and led me to believe that this documentation was just not available. It'd be nice to see Team Project Sets/Buckminster scripts/whatever for setting up the workspace.

There are 283 Bugs against Babel in the system. There appears to be a lot of diversity in the reporters, which again is a good indicator of healthy community development.

The babel-dev list suggests a high-level of interactivity between project members. This is good stuff.

Committer activity in CVS appears to be slowing. There are 99 bugs open against Babel which seems to indicate that there is still work to do.
Does this indicate that a release is pending?

There are no releases indicated on the project summary page. The project plan seems out of date, listing an "M0" release in January 2008. There are no other dates indicated in the plan. The plan needs to be updated and a release scheduled. It'd be nice to see the plan in the standard form.

Only one project mentor is indicated in the project summary. Is there a second mentor?