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[babel-dev] recent development updates


For those who do not follow all the activities in the Bugzilla bugs, I want to summarize a few fixes and enhancements we have recently.

Babel Pseudo Translations Language Packs
We've implemented a new "Babel Pseudo Translation Language Packs" (see bug 217339). The Babel Pseudo Translations Language Packs can

- identify hard-coded strings; a string is hard-coded if it does not have the special prefix
- the added length to the strings can help identify layout problems; for example, after adding "eclipse123456:" to "OK", a button label is truncated
- identify the component the string is coming from; is the string from Eclipse Platform or from my component?
- locate the file containing the string; there are probably a dozen copies of the strings "File" or "OK". If you want to locate a particular one to fix the translation, you just have to look up the prefix number from an index file.

New Babel Update Site
- We reorganized the Babel Update Site to list language packs by language.
- In each language category, language packs for each project are listed.
- There is also a percentage of translation completeness in the description.
- User may pick and choose the language packs to install.

Babel Language Pack Links Page
- During the generation of language packs for the update site, we are creating the downloadable language packs at the same time.

These few fixes and enhancements have been released to CVS, but not deployed to the staging/live servers yet. We will apply the fixes to the staging server very soon. Please give us feedbacks.

Web Master (Denis):
- please try the new language pack generation (bug 217339 and bug 234430) on the staging server
- setup a new page for the "Babel Language Pack Links" page (bug 234430)
- apply the patch for bug 248844

Kit Lo
IBM Eclipse SDK Globalization Technical Lead
Eclipse Babel Project Co-lead