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[auto-iwg] Reminder - Eclipse Day Toulouse on May 24th

Dear Auto IWG member,

You are kindly invited to register for the Eclipse Day Toulouse on May 24th. Please see the program at http://www.eclipsedaytoulouse.com/en/sessions/ and register at http://www.eclipsedaytoulouse.com/en/registration/

Additionally, I look forward to finding a solution to join on May 23rd in the end of the afternoon for a common meeting about common concerns like tools qualification, large models, ... I know that you plan to hold your meeting at Continental premises, but ENSEEIHT (near Toulouse downtown) offers to host both Polarsys and Auto IWG meeting with a room of capacity of 20 people and another in which we could be able to join with a capacity of 40 people.
We could also organize a lunch between the Polarsy and Auto IWG people who stay in Toulouse for Eclipse Day Toulouse.

I just updated the hotel information at http://www.eclipsedaytoulouse.com/en/venue/, and I advice you to book your hotel soon as Toulouse is a very appreciated city at the end of May and hotels are already a bit packed.

Gaël Blondelle
+33 672 120 226