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Re: [atf-dev] getServiceByContractID bug

That worked, thanks!Â
(ecipse indigo 32bit. 64 bit did not work).

2011/10/26 Jacek PospychaÅa <jacek.p@xxxxxxxx>
hi John,

I'm very sorry for late response.
Yes, recently we moved ATF to Mozilla and there were some incompatibilities with older version of Mozilla engine.
Could you update Mozilla plugin in Eclipse and let me know if that helps?

To perform the update,
- open Help->Install New Software
- in 'work with' field enter http://beta.zend.com/studio-eclipse/updates-extra/9_0
- uncheck 'Group items by category' checkbox at the bottom
- on the features list, find and select "Mozilla XPCOM for Java" and "Mozilla Xulrunner"
- press Next to install those features


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I am trying to run the latest ATF tools. When I load a page I get a lot of the following errors:

The function "getServiceByContractID" returned an error condition Â(0x80004002)

And some of the functionality in the embedded Mozilla browser is missing (eg no DOM highlighting).

It looks like this project is pretty dormant so I tried the last 3 versions of eclipse (indigo, helios, galileo), 32 and 64 bit, but get the same problem on all of them.

I am running windows 7 64 bit.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! Some of the functionality in this project is exactly what I need, eg DOM inspection and DOM highlighting.

If anyone knows of other eclipse projects or plugins with similar functionality, please let me know!



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