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[atf-dev] ATF compile errors(Eclipse 3.5)

Hi, guys,
to make ATF source code compiled I have done the following:
1. checked out org.eclipse.atf.mozilla.swt.browser, org.eclipse.atf.mozilla.swt.browser.<platform> plugins in addition to specified here
http://www.eclipse.org/atf/source/index.php. Why they are not specified there?
2. in org.eclipse.atf.ui.debug.ServerManager changed import of ClosableWizardDialog to
import org.eclipse.wst.common.frameworks.internal.ui.ClosableWizardDialog;

Didn't you have this errors?

There is still 1 compilation error:
The import org.eclipse.wst.javascript cannot be resolved in org.eclipse.atf.ui.

-- Best regards,

Dmitry Geraskov