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[aspectj-users] How to specify classpath inside a WAR for the weaver ?


We got many, many errors like this :

     [iajc] when batch building BuildConfig[null] #Files=0 AopXmls=#0
     [iajc]  [Xlint:cantFindType]
     [iajc] [error  55]: error at (no source information available)
     [iajc] F:\cruisecontrol-service-4\artifacts\MyApplication_01_SYSINT\20120509153156\MyApplication-\CrmWeb_origine.war:0::0 can't determine implemented interfaces of missing type javax.validation.ConstraintValidator
     [iajc] when weaving type com.intact.crm.web.validator.impl.PostalCodeValidator
     [iajc] when weaving classes
     [iajc] when weaving

Looking for on Internet, we found that we have a classpath problem.

We use ANT with the tag (iajc) - something like this: iajc  -inpath CrmWeb_origine.war   -outJar CrmWeb.war  -showWeaveInfo  

As you can notice, we use a WAR, not a jar file and a WAR as WEB-INF/lib which contains all the necessary libraries needed by the application. However, the weaver does not find those libraries as we got more that 150 errors for missing classes.

How do we inform the waver that those file are inside the war itself ?

Best regards,