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[aspectj-users] Maven central, milestone artifacts and names


I've just had that quirky complaint from STS saying that 1.6.11.RELEASE isn't available because the maven repo is offline.

What it actually means is that it's available, but not via a repository which is currently profiled in to my build (i.e. the Spring releases repo).

I ended up checking back on the mailing list, as I was sure that it must be in Maven Central, and it is, but as 1.6.11. I'm guessing that it's for consistency with what's already in central...?

Looking to the future, I been told that as of 3.2.0.M1, the Spring Framework team guys are planning to push milestones into Maven Central as easily consumable releases.

I'd love to see this with the milestones of AspectJ too, so here I am kicking of the thread, and wondering what people's experience is of consuming AspectJ artifacts from Maven, and if there is any reason why (apart from it being a little bit of black magic for Andy to push them out), we might not suggest the AJ milestones also get wider publication.