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[aspectj-users] LTW in JBoss 4

I have some problems with instrumenting a java enterprise application,
which perhaps is not a AspectJ issue. Maybe someone of you can help me.
Currently I'm trying to trace an enterprise application deployed to a
JBoss 4 server. My idea is to add a trace aspect to every call within a
certain package to extract a run-time call-graph.
I have implemented a small aspect and created a pointcut matching all
    pointcut myMethodCalls(): within(com.example.*) && call(* *(..));

The aspect snippets call a tracer class before and after the call:
before() : myMethodCalls() {
after() : myMethodCalls() {

When instrumenting a commandline application, everything is working fine
and I receive the result I expect. But when I copy this to JBoss the
aspect is not added to the classes. BTW: I'm using LTW because I want
AspectJ to add the aspect to all classes (even to the one that are
generated at runtime).

The only result I can see are tons of log messages like this:
[2@63cd66ea] info AspectJ Weaver Version 1.6.11 built on Tuesday Mar 15,
2011 at 15:31:04 GMT
[2@63cd66ea] info register classloader org.jboss.mx.util.MBeanProxyExt
[2@63cd66ea] info using configuration /C:/test/bin/aop.xml
[2@63cd66ea] info register aspect de.uni_bremen.st.berber.aspectj.Trace

which shows me that AspectJ is running but the fact that the classes are
not instrumented shows me, that I missed something. Perhaps some
configuration settings for JBoss. Can someone give me a hint?

Thanks in advance

Dipl. Inf. Bernhard Berger

TZI â UniversitÃt Bremen, AG Softwaretechnik
E-Mail  berber@xxxxxx
Telefon +49 421 218-4862