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[aspectj-users] Catch-all pointcut

Hi everyone,

I have a broad question about AspectJ that maybe the veterans can give me a definite answer on.

Assume I have two jars:
- RunnableFile.jar
- Library.jar

The RunnableFile.jar is a runnable jar, contains a main method in one of its classes but it depends on Library.jar . This means that whenever I run the RunnableFile, I need to include Library.jar in the classpath, otherwise it won't work.

Let's also assume that I absolutely cannot touch Library.jar, but I want to be able to catch method calls of any method contained in Library.jar. Is there any way of instrumenting RunnableFile.jar so that any method calls of any library that it loads are also captured?

I've done a * *.* pointcut that I wove into RunnableFile.jar but since only this JAR is instrumented, only the methods of classes within this JAR actually get advised. Is there any way of going around this by instrumenting just the "main" JAR?

Thanks in advance!