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Re: [aspectj-users] Rebuild AspectJ project after eclipse restart

Hey Andy,
When I'm building the project without the heap optimization (-Xset:minimalModel=true,typeDemotion=true)the heap is reaching my max heapsetting (~1400) which causes the GC to run again and again which seems to affect the performance and the full build takes about 8 minutes.
Now when I'm trying to build with the optimization it seems there is a big reduction in the heap usage but the build is very very slow and takes more than 1 hour (it didn't finish yet...).
So actually I cannot use this optimization although the heap state is absolutely better.
Do you have any idea?


2010/10/10 Andy Clement <andrew.clement@xxxxxxxxx>
One thing:

On 8 October 2010 09:32, Gil Sagi <gilmod@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Currently the Eclipse downside is the memory consumption of the weaving
> process - it takes about 8 minutes and the heap is getting up to 1400MB so
> restart the Eclipse from time to time is a use-case we cannot ignore.

That is a long time for a full build...  Is it by any chance due to
the heap getting relatively full and then GC thrashing going on? (so
not actually running out of memory, but running on the limit).  If so
you could try those AJDT memory settings I mentioned in the 1.6.10
readme, they should reduce the heap usage (if you try them and they
don't, that is interesting feedback...) -

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