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[aspectj-users] APT and AspectJ in the same project, using Maven



I have to use Annotation Processing (apt) and AspectJ in the same Maven project.


Both work for themselves, but I need to create aspects based on code created by apt. So I would need binary weaving (the original source files are extended by apt). How can I enable binary weaving within a maven project?


I know the only standard option is to supply a dependency using the weaveDependencies parameter, but this is awful. Is there any other way?


OK, I could embed the AspectJ ant tasks using the Maven Antrun Plugin but I'd hate to resort to that…


The only online resource I found was this:



The suggested solution there is this:


I've changed the Maven AspectJ Plugin to put the

class files on the inpath, instead of the sourcefiles. And now AspectJ

and Lombok just run side by side. ;)


I may be stupid, but I just can’t find a way to do this…


Can anybody help?


Thank, Sean


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