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Re: [aspectj-users] AspectJ or ASM

Hi Rajaraman,
yes you are right, AspectJ ( and LTW Weaving)  will be a good tool for Java Monitoring. At work, i have developped some aspects, coupled with JMX or loging in flat files, to follow methods durations, call counters, pools ( threads, Apache common pool,JDBC, EJB ...) and more ...

Cordialement / Best regards

Jean-Louis Pasturel


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Objet : [aspectj-users] AspectJ or ASM

Hi All,

We are developing Java Application Performance Monitoring system as part of our Application Management solution. There is a simple current implementation present based on BCEL. The decision is to rewrite again to support lot more features in this area. 

For a past week I've been looking into AspectJ for this requirement and this seems to be a perfect fit. However, I'm not able to convince myself completely whether using AOP is a overkill for this requirement or should I go with simple bytecode instrumention with ASM (our original decision)

Obvious advantage on going with AspectJ will be no framework needed to be developed by us to inject performance monitoring bytecode based on the pointcut definitions. 

Just wanted to ask people here to validate my thought. 

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