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[aspectj-users] AspectG?

[NB:  crossposting to both groovy & aspectj user lists.  Replying to
both would be cool.]

Hi all,

For me, using Groovy is like programming with lubrication -- makes
programming slicker and faster with less resistance.  However, since I
use AspectJ with Java, I'm not willing to give up the power of aspects
(pointcuts & advice) and intertype declarations.  I would make the
leap wholeheartedly to Groovy and probably never look back if I knew
how I could use these AspectJ constructs in Groovy.

Is there a definitive road map for "AspectG", as it were?  How does
the dynamic nature of Groovy and Groovy's MOP affect the strong syntax
affinity that AspectJ has in Java land?

I'm aware of Groovy's (and Objective-C's) categories, but that seems
to fall short of the full power of AspectJ, plus, I'm not sure that I
necessarily like Groovy categories' "use" syntax, unless I'm
misunderstanding it.  (Note that I would make the same argument for
Objective-C -- is there an AspectOC on the horizon?)

I've also seen http://www.infoq.com/articles/aop-with-groovy and
http://groovy.codehaus.org/Using+invokeMethod+and+getProperty which
discuss some AOP concepts in Groovy, but that kind of method
interception seems to provide AOP support on an individual class basis
(and only for method invocation, leaving out constructor invocation
interception, field access interception, etc).